Nikon Df…how High can you push it?

I had the chance to test the High ISO performance of the Nikon DF in the real world.
These are some images of a Great Horned Owl in my front yard at ISO 102,400 with the Nikon 200-500 F5.6E VR.

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The 300mm prime lens, A great telephoto for all!

I first learned about the 300mm f4 focal length when scouring the internet for reviews of other lenses and came across a photographer’s blog that mentioned a 300mm f4 lens as a great option for a first telephoto prime wildlife lens.
I started watching the local classifieds for a used one and finally settled on a Nikon 300mm f4 Af-s lens! I was very impressed right off the bat but little did I know how valuable this focal length could be! Continue reading “The 300mm prime lens, A great telephoto for all!”

50 photos, 50mm lens, 50 minutes

There are times when photographers lose motivation, creativity or just haven’t shot in a while and don’t know what to take photos of to keep their “image making juices” flowing.. I have run into this issue more than I care to admit, but I have found one thing that keeps me going and not feeling terrible that I’ve spent money on gear that I don’t use!

50 challenge-50

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Nasty weather can make for great photos!

On my recent trip to our local National Park (Prince Albert National Park), the weather was ugly… very ugly! It was pouring rain in the city on our way up north and it wasn’t looking very promising for any good photos!  But one thing I’ve learned is ugly weather is where you can make some of the best images and as a bonus all the fall colors “pop” with contrast when it’s all wet!


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BTS St. Louis barn panorama

Me 200-400.jpg

As with almost 90% of the images I take they are pre-conceived ideas that pop into my head when I see a subject, other photographer’s photos, art or imagination based off of many ideas merged together. In this case as I was on my way home from work one evening I spotted this amazing Continue reading “BTS St. Louis barn panorama”

July 30th Landscapes and Lightning storms!

July 30th Landscapes and Lightning storms!

I was blessed to find a few images on my way home from Saskatoon…

Knowing the road well, I kept my eyes open for the sun rays coming through the clouds to see If what I had in mind was going to form for an old abandoned house and farm yard a few hundred yards from the highway. I have had a shot in the back of my mind for some time and I was hopeful it would pan out… I stopped at the location and watched the sky for a bit and unfortunately the sky and scene didn’t really go as I had planned but I decided to take a shot anyways! Continue reading “July 30th Landscapes and Lightning storms!”

Peak Design Slide Review

My hunt for a good strap started around 4 to 5 years ago when I bought my first DSLR. I got tired pretty quick of the straps that camera manufacturers throw in with the camera purchase, they serve their purpose but are not comfortable and they make you look like a bill board walking around with “Canon’ or “Nikon” on display!

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